Mason of


A phone call, email, or text sparks the possibility of a new project. The ability to quench my artistic thirst - what wonder lies ahead? The life's blood of my world depends on a request or challenge from a perspective client. It opens up the door to create magic. Working for thirty years- building a portfolio of progression of projects that have lead me to this space and time. Rome was not built in a day, and my work gives a client hope that they have found someone who can create their vision, or collaborate with one that interprets and designs an exciting concept. Our goal is to produce one-of-a-kind very unique designs with the capacity to construct extreme and amazing projects. I communicate ideas and designs without salesmen, and we build with an in-house team of artisans under my supervision utilizing our 900 hundred ton rock gallery. We landscape with our two acre plant nursery and palm inventory. We work with an array of machinery and an inventory of architectural objects, statues, and slides. Our iron and glass fabrication studio gives us the ability to produce art objects in-house. It is important to keep costs down and to produce what we want to represent our designs. This control ensures a successful result. Too many cooks in the kitchen ruin the stew. So we limit the use of outside subcontractors.  We look forward to serve clients with special requests, assisting them from beginning to end, and leaving them with a treasure that will endure and the joy that they can share with family and friends.